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Divya's Dressing • 10 oz mix makes 1 quart
  • Divya's Dressing • 10 oz mix makes 1 quart

    *Blend Divya's dry Dressing mix with oil and water for an all-natural, indescribably exquisite almond-based creamy dressing/sauce for salads or anything really. Dry mix can be used as an all-purpose gourmet seasoning.

    *See blending instructions under Product Info..

    ** unsweetened


    (Be sure to scroll to find desired quantity pricing when selecting Quantity Options)

    1-  10 oz bag (10 oz total) • $19

    2-  10 oz bags (20 oz total) • $33

    3-  10 oz bags (30 oz total) • $49

    4-  10 oz bags (40 oz total) • $61

    8-  10 oz bags (80 oz total) • $114

    12- 10 oz bags (120 oz total) • $168



      raw almonds, nutritional yeast, liquid aminos, salt, spices

      GLUTEN-FREE, no sweeteners, fillers, thickeners or preservatives



      • Refrigeration of dry mix recommended, will keep 12+ months if refrigerated or frozen.
      • Once blended with water and oil, dressing must be refrigerated. Best used within 10 days. Dressing may thicken over time, just add water to reach desired consistency.


      In a blender, combine equal parts of Divya’s Dressing Mix, water and neutral/flavorless oil* blend at high speed 1-2 minutes until creamy.

      *recommended oils— sunflower, safflower or other light flavorless oil

      To make 1 cup of Divya’s Dressing:

      • ½ cup Divya’s Dressing Mix
      • ½ cup water
      • ½ cup oil

      To maintain freshness and flavor, making smaller batches is recommended, whatever quantity will be consumed within one week.



      Divya's Dressing Mix is made fresh-to-order, just for you, and is ready to ship within 2-3 business days. Shipments typically arrive within 7 days from the day that order is placed.

      • Free shipping for deliveries to addresses within the Continental U.S. 

      • Standard USPS rates apply for deliveries to areas outside of the Continental U.S.

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